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Vacuum-Assisted Closure to Aid Wound Healing in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mendonca AD,Cosker TDA, Makwana NK. Vacuum assisted therapy to aid wound closure in foot and ankle surgery. Foot and ankle International 2005; 26 (9) 761-766.

Although vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) is a well-established technique in other surgical specialties, its use has not been established in the foot and ankle. The aims of this study were to determine if vacuum-assisted closure therapy (VAC) helps assist closure in diabetic foot ulcers and wounds secondary to peripheral vascular disease, if it helps debride wounds, and if it prevents the need for further surgery. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 15 patients (18 wounds or ulcers) with primary diagnoses of diabetes (10 patients), chronic osteomyelitis (two patients), peripheral vascular disease (two patients), and spina bifida (one patient). Eleven of the 15 patients had serious comorbidities, such as peripheral neuropathy, renal failure, and wound dehiscence.


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