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Topical negative pressure therapy

Moiemen N, Yarrow J, Kamal D, Kearns D, Mendonca DA Topical Negative Pressure Therapy: Does it accelerate neovascularisation within the Dermal Regeneration Template, Integra? Prospective Histological In-vivo Study. Burns 2010: 36(6): 764-8.

The use of topical negative pressure (TNP) dressings with dermal regeneration template (DRT), Integra, has improved outcomes and simplified aftercare. Previous clinical studies have suggested accelerated vascularisation; with a reduction in the duration of the 1st stage after the application of Integra, from 2 to 4 weeks to as little as 4 days, but with no histological evidence. However, histological studies, without TNP, have shown that vascularisation occurs between the second and the fourth week. This study set out to examine histologically the rate of DRT neovascularisation when combined with TNP.


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