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Is There a Relationship Between the Severity of Metopic Synostosis and Speech and Language Impairments?

Mendonca DA, White N, West E, Solanki G, Dover S, Nishikawa H. Is the severity of metopic craniosynostosis related to the speech and language impairment? J of Craniofacial Surgery 2009; 20; (1); 85-88, discussion 89.

The occurrence of cognitive impairment and behavioral problems in patients with metopic synostosis has been described. The relationship between the severity of metopic synostosis and the incidence of speech and language delays has not been established. Twenty patients with nonsyndromic isolated metopic synostosis were evaluated. Five different preoperative measurements (metopic angle at the roof of the orbit, angle of lateral orbital wall at the sella, cranial indices, and distances between medial orbital walls and lateral orbital walls) were taken from computed tomography and compared with results from postoperative speech and language assessments. 


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