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Nitroglycerin patch use in digital ischemia secondary to sepsis

Devendrasing Vijaysing Jadhav, Derek Mendonca, Suresh Kotinatot, Shiva Shankar, Munira Al Mazmi Mendonca DA. Nitroglycerin patch use in digital ischemia secondary to sepsis: a case report. PanAfrican Medical Journal. Volume 38, Article 114, 03 Feb 2021.

Sepsis results in intense disturbances in homoeostasis and is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality in early infancy. Owing to insufficiency on part of infant to develop adequate inflammatory response to localize the infection, they usually progress to disseminated systemic infection, pneumonia and/or meningitis. We present the case of a 26 weeks preterm boy with acute digital ischemia in right index finger progressing to impending gangrene as a manifestation of septicemia. Use of topical nitroglycerin patch with meticulous monitoring successfully alleviated the impending peripheral gangrene without any adverse effects.

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