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Endoscopic assisted craniosynostosis surgery experience from South-East Asia

Mendonca DA, Ramamurthy V, Gopal S, Kumar P, Gujjalanavar R, Deraje V, Sundermurthy S. Endoscopic assisted craniosynostosis experience from South East Asia. JPRAS 2020: S1748-6815 (20) 30398-3.

We wish to highlight our experience of the endoscopic assisted craniosynostosis technique in the context of a developing healthcare system. In developing countries, internet penetration is increasing and parents are using the internet to research latest technical advances to seek treatment early. Jimenez and Barone's initially described 1 the minimally invasive endoscopic technique in non-syndromic craniosynostosis. The senior authors (DM and SG) introduced the endoscopic technique for the first time in India in 2015. 2 In the Indian population, the most common sutures involved are anterior (metopic, coronal), rather than sagittal, as seen in the West. 3

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