Deformities of Skull

Craniosynostosis is the early fusion of the skull sutures. It occurs in 1:1000 births. Having trained at Birmingham, UK and St. Louis, USA which are highly respected craniofacial centres, I am able to offer the minimally invasive approach to craniosynostosis, before 6 months of age. This is done with the expertise of a paediatric neurosurgeon, and is only done at our centre in the whole country.

Craniofacial conditions involve the skull, eyes and the face. They could range from minor deformities to complete malformations. We have the full multi-disciplinary team of paediatricians, intensive care, paediatric anaesthesia team, ophthalmology, ENT and surgeons.

  • Craniosynostosis: calvarial vault remodeling
  • Endoscopic craniosynostosis correction
  • Encephalocele correction
  • Distraction: internal and external